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Saigon Newport welcomes the Chairman of China United Line


Saigon Newport welcomes the Chairman of China United Line

On July 13, 2022, the representative of the Board of Directors of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) met with China United Line (CUL) to update the operating situation. At the same time, SNP thanks for the good and long-term companionship between CUL Shipping Lines and SNP, especially for maintaining service routes and stabilizing capacity at ports of the SNP system, and expressed increased bilateral cooperation.

Representatives of SNP, led by Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan - President of SNP and members of the Board of Directors, the Marketing Department, met with CUL Shipping, led by Mr. Chen Hong Hui (Raymond Chen) - Chairman of CUL Group China.

China United Line (CUL) is a private shipping line in China that has grown strongly since entering the Vietnamese market, especially last year. According to Alphaliner, CUL reached ranked 24th in 2021 from outside the top 100 shipping lines. The CUL shipping line aims to develop diverse markets, including markets with service routes such as the US, Europe, Israel, the Middle East, India, etc. In the coming time, CUL plans to launch new routes, then the shipping line has expressed its need to receive appropriate berth support from SNP.

At the meeting, SNP and CUL reviewed the cooperation and attachment process between the two sides over time. Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan, on behalf of the SNP Board of Directors, appreciated CUL Shipping Company for always accompanying and trusting SNP and is looking forward to the two sides continuing to develop their cooperation in the coming years. SNP appreciates and congratulates CUL for its outstanding and fast growth over the past year (up over 106%). At the same time, he also expressed his pleasure when recently SNP successfully welcomed the new CV3 service line, which was operated independently of the CUL shipping line to Tan Cang - Hiep Phuoc terminal (TCHP) in June 2022. In addition, SNP greatly appreciates the contribution of shipping lines in the past. With 02 service routes at Tan Cang 128 (Hai Phong), a new service route directly going to Europe CES was first updated in 2021 and maintains its service lines at the SNP system in the South.

SNP introduced the upgrade and strategic development plan to CUL Shipping to promote the cooperation between SNP and CUL Shipping. It expressed the wish that the shipping line would study and consider working with SNP to implement several cooperation projects in logistics, toward the common goal of providing the best quality of service to customers in the future.