Operation News

Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal receives the largest vessel


On November 21st, 2012, Tan Cang- Cat Lai Terminal successfully received and handled the ad-hoc vessel of Maersk Lines namely Maersk Jambi which has the deadweight of 35.556 tons (LOA 224).

The handling of the vessel was well- performed. According to the innitial plan from the ship operator, the vessel port-stay should had been 41 hours, but in fact, the port-stay time has been shortened to 22.5 hours only. The net handling productivity reached 113cont/hour - one of the highest handling productivities at port up to the present. Maersk lines highly appreciated the SNP’s efforts to dispatch the vessel rapidly and safely.

With the aim at meeting the demands of the shipping lines to deploy more services, especially the requirement to upsize the vessel to increase the capacity and reduce the operation cost, SNP is building a new berth at Cat Lai terminal which has the length of 224m and the area of 12.5 hectares. The new berth will be able to accommodate the vessel of up to 40,000 DWT and expect to come into operations in June 2013.

Thanks to the focus on the investment into the state –of art equipment, expansion of the terminal and enhance the service quality endlessly aiming at meeting best the needs of the shipping lines, consignees and shippers, Tan Cang- Cat Lai has become the reliable destination for the shipping lines as well as the preferable place for the delivery and receipt of the cargo for the consignees and shippers.