On site - Customers’ day was held the third time at Tan Cang – Cat Lai terminal | Saigon Newport Corp.(SNP)
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On site - Customers’ day was held the third time at Tan Cang – Cat Lai terminal


On May 10, 2018, the Day for the customers working at the terminal of Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) (On site – customers’ Day) was held the third time at Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal..

Through the activities of the  On site- customers’ day, SNP would like to express its gratitude to customers doing business directly at the terminal, receive customer’s comments and suggestions to constantly improve the quality of all  SNP’s services. This is also a chance for SNP to introduce  new policies and guidelines, facilities and services to customers. More than 1500 customers attended the event and provided feedbacks for the service quality survey.


With the motto of always accompanying customers, applying modern technology to simplify procedures, helping customers save time and cost, professionalizing services and improving staff’s attitude. From January 1st  2018, online formalities and payment has been applied to the delivery and receipt of all kinds of containers at Cat Lai Terminal. Currently, the number of  customers  E-port for outbound containers is 99%  and those for import containers reaches 84%.  SNP is currently piloting the EDO program with Maersk Lines and will apply massively to all shipping lines. Then the customers  will no longer have to work hard to get to the offices of the shipping lines to get the delivery  orders as they do currently. 


Especially, SNP has launched the SNP LOYALTY program. This is a program to accumulate points of handling charges  from April 1st 2018, customers who reach 500 points will be redeemed, applied from the first point. This program has been applied for all importers and exporters who have containers (lifting on / lifting off) for export/ import directly at TC-Cat Lai Terminal and issued  invoices according to the exact tax code of the customers which has been registered to SNP  for the program or  those who use logistics services provided by SNP. Currently, customers  highly appreciate the benefits that the program brings for them.


The 3rd  on site- customers’  day  is really a festival where customers can learn more about SNP's activities as well as participate in recreational activities such as: : winning game booth, questions & answer at the stage, introducing the products of Tan Cang STC and MB Bank. Especially customers  can  have direct inquiries  and get feedback about port services through the Q & A. In addition, customers  will also be able to visit the IT achievements and Control Tower to learn about the modern  operation and management of SNP.

Throughout “ The third 3rd  on site- customers’  day”   2018, we again reaffirm our goal to continuously improve the quality services to maintain customers' trust.