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Tan Cang Hai Phong international container port (TC HICT) celebrates the 500,000th teu in 2020


On October 22, 2020, Tan Cang Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT) under Saigon Newport Corporation solemnly held a ceremony to celebrate the 500,000 TEU through the port in 2020. This event confirmed TC-HICT's stable and sustainable growth. .

Additionally, this is a meaningful celebration to welcome the 16th Hai Phong City Party Congress, contributing to the development of Hai Phong city, affirming its potential and attraction in particular and the northern economic zone in general with foreign investors.

Since its first day of operation on May 13, 2018, TC-HICT has undergone many great developments. Initially, the Port only had intra-Asia and Indian service routes, with facilities facing many difficulties in terms of human resource, operational experience, geographical location. Currently, TC-HICT has received 10 service routes per week, including 3 service routes across the Pacific, to the US, 2 service routes to India, and 5 service routes within Asia. With new synchronous, modern, and advanced facilities and equipment, TC-HICT has risen to be one of the leading ports in Hai Phong in terms of throughput and is proud to be the first and only deep water seaport in the North of Vietnam as well as in the Top seaports that can accommodate large vessels

Looking back on nearly 3 years of hard work, TC-HICT has had memorable milestones. In April 2019, the Port received the first trans-Pacific ship which sails directly to the US and Canada. TC-HICT solemnly held a ceremony to welcome the 12,000-TEU vessel size on its voyage to the West Coast of the United States on May 7, 2019. One year later, the Port welcomed two more direct service routes to the US on April 27, 2020, and May 19, 2020. In addition, shipping lines have trusted TC-HICT as a place to bring intra-Asia ships with a size larger than 3000 TEU to dock at the port. The achievement of 500,000 TEU makes 2020 an unforgettable mark for TC-HICT international port, a solid premise for the more sustainable and stronger development in the coming time.

The year 2020 begins with many challenges for TC-HICT when the Covid-19 epidemic breaks out, affecting the world and domestic economy. The volume of several service routes has decreased sharply. However, TC-HICT has had timely solutions to improve service quality, apply preferential policies, take the initiative in IT application, successfully implement ePort software and electronic EDO, always operate toward customer-oriented missions. TC-HICT steadily overcame the difficult period, with high growth every month and handling productivity reached over 150 containers/hour. With service quality and flexible policies, TC-HICT has built a reputation as a trusted freight forwarding enterprise by customers and shipping lines.

In order for TC-HICT to achieve these results today, some of the main prerequisites are the correct policies and strategies of the Government; the attention and help of the central ministries; leaders of the relevant agencies of Hai Phong city, as well as the accurate and timely direction of Saigon Newport Corporation, and especially the great support from customers and partners. Along with improving service quality, attracting customers, increasing productivity, TC-HICT also aims to build a friendly port environment, towards achieving the title of The Green Port Service Network Council of Apec, connecting domestic and external relations, utilizing the advantages of free trade agreements (FTAs). TC-HICT always aims to deliver the top quality of service as the common criterion of Saigon Newport Corporation with the goal of becoming a strong business in all aspects, bringing many positive values ​​to customers as well as the community.

Hai Phong Terminals for nearly 150 years have always played a role as the largest gateway to/from the sea in the North, associated with the ups and downs of the development history of Hai Phong city. From now on, with the development of TC-HICT port, Hai Phong Terminals will turn to a new page in history, welcome more vessels with increasingly large capacity, making its mark on the map of the regional and international transit ports, contributing to reducing import-export shipping time and logistics costs for businesses, creating more opportunities to attract foreign investors to industrial zones in the North of Vietnam.