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Fullpackage service of Tan Cang Container


Merged from the 3 units (Tan Cang M&R Joint Stock Company, Tan Cang Refrigeration Container Services & Trading Joint Stock Company, and the Container Repair Workshop of Tan Cang Technical Services JS Co.), Tan Cang Container Services Joint Stock Company (TC - CONTS) founded to improve business efficiency, ensure service quality and sustainable development for directly related service fields to the main production line, promoting the reputation of Saigon Newport Corporation..

TC - CONTS is providing services related to reefer containers, M & R dry containers, M&R container tanks, and Logistic services. Specifically: Repair, cleaning, PTI, and reefer container operations are stretching and operating 24/7 on all port systems, depots under Saigon Newport Corporation as well as for more than 40 customers / International shipping lines. In the near future, TC - CONTS will focus on the following services:
  • Depot service.
  • Transport reefer containers by road, sea, or railway combined.
  • Buy, sell and lease all kinds of containers.
  • Operate cold storage, cool storage

The officers and employees of Tan Cang Container Services Joint Stock Company are carefully selected from a team of highly trained and suitable professionals, dedicated to the profession and have many years of practical experience in managing container M&R services. In addition to a team of more than 30 engineers with certificates according to international standards IICL - 5, IICL - 6, there are field technicians who are trained and certified professionals by the world's leading suppliers such as Starcool, Carrier, Daikin, Thermor King… trained and certified professionals. Moreover, TC - CONTS's Depot Tank in particular and SNP in general, proud of constantly meeting the standards and is one of the only two members in Vietnam belong to the World Tank Container Association (@TCO).

With the prestige associating with the SNP brand, Tan Cang Container has many advantages: highly skilled and experienced personnel; fully equipped and modern equipment and tools; Repair and replacement supplies and spare parts are imported directly from original manufacturers: Carrier, Star cool, Daikin, Thermo King ... and are always highly responsive in any urgent case. Refrigerated gas is imported directly from manufacturers of Dupon, Klea, etc. to ensure the American and Japanese standards quality. All the standardized dry-reefer container repair workshop's operating models are developed to the IICL standards. TC Containers also develops and applies customer service processes from quotation, repair, cleaning, PTI under centralized and professional activities, ensuring service quality by maintaining regularly, with high stability. Especially, Tan Cang Container utilized on resources operating at all seaports, warehouses ... thus proactive in conducting the survey, quote, repair, clean, PTI, and handle broken reefer containers promptly and accurately for export and import containers as well as in customers' warehouses, saving storage time and reducing costs for customers; Moreover, with a dedicated hotline in the various areas: Cat Lai TC Port, Hiep Phuoc TC Port, TCIT Port, TCCT Port, TCTT Port, HICT Port, Depot TC My Thuy, Depot Suoi Tien, ICD Long Binh, Mekong Delta Depot… always works to provide in customer service and operational activities; Currently, with the advantage of skilled human resources, the team of truck drivers has long-term experience. Reefer container transport services for frozen cargo are being carried out on fixed routes such as agricultural and aquatic products in the Mekong Delta area such as Ca Mau, Vinh Long, An Giang... along with vegetables and fruits in Binh Thuan. Besides, TC-CONTS also leases reefer containers for shipping to China with output> 100 containers/month.

As a service provider, with the desire to develop sustainably, Tan Cang Container always focuses on the commitment to bring customers the best quality service and cost-effectiveness, contributing to improving the brand value and reputation of customers.

Some pictures of operation and business activities of Tan Cang Container:


For more information: Mr Dang Quoc Hai – General Director: MP: 0972 092 092. Email : haidp1@saigonnewport.com.vn