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Saigon Newport corporation launched new year operational order for new year 2020


In 2019, container throughput through SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION's port system increased by 16.2%; moved up 1 rank in the ranking of the world's largest container port groups..

On the evening of January 24 (30 December in Luna calender), Saigon Newport Corporation held a New Year Eve Ceremony and launched new year operational order for Canh Ty New Year 2020 at Tan Cang-Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan, General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation, Saigon New Port entered the New Year of the Rat year 2020 with great joy from the successful results of 2019.

The highlight of SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION in 2019 is to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam's seaport system with welcoming large vessels into the North, Central and South port clusters; effectively exploit the deep-water ports in Cai Mep -Thi Vai and Lach Huyen (Hai Phong).

Bộ trưởng Bộ Giao thông Vận tải Nguyễn Văn Thể cùng lãnh đạo Quân chủng Hải quân Việt Nam, Tổng công ty Tân cảng Sài Gòn cùng các đại biểu phát lệnh làm hàng đầu xuân Canh Tý

In 2019, container throughput through Sai Gon New Port's port system increased by 16.2%; moved up 1 rank in the ranking of the world's largest container port groups.

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The and the leader of the Vietnam Navy, Saigon New Port Corporation and delegates issued the order to lead the year of Canh Ty 2020

SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION thrive to be a leading defense-economic enterprises

In particular, Tan Cang-Cat Lai Port, the“ heart ”of the Corporation's production line reached a historic milestone with the Welcoming the fifth million TEU container through the port in December; collecting import and export tax through Cat Lai port rise to over VND 72,500 billion (equivalent to 18.6% of Ho Chi Minh City's total budget revenue in 2019); become the largest feeder port in the world, ”said Senior Captain Ngo Minh Thuan.

In addition to successfully fulfilling the production and business plan with the main targets reaching high levels in container throughput, revenue, profit, labor productivity and average income of employees, SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION also excellently completed military defense tasks with the goal of securing the sea border, ensuring national defense and security, preserving the airspace and sea areas of the Nations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The highly appreciated the efforts of the workers and employees of SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION, with strong solidarity, high determination, innovation and energy, dynamic, creative; in which, the application of technology in SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION’s system not only saves time and costs but also support the customers to conveniently receive cargoes in the port, solve the problem of traffic congestion outside the port, affirming the reputation of Vietnam container port operator.

Along with the achievements in implementing the economic development tasks, Saigon Newport Corporation has also successfully completed the task of ensuring the national security and defense of the Nation. SAIGON NEWPORT CORPORATION is a symbolic unit to carry out economic tasks, to ensure security, to well perform the tasks of foreign affairs in national defense and to be the key unit in participating in preserving the airspace and sea areas of the Vietnamese Motherland, "Minister Nguyen Van The emphasized. 

In the coming time, Minister Nguyen Van The commanded, Saigon Newport Corporation continued to promote the tradition of a flagship unit; focus on investing in the right direction, expanding ports and ports infrastructure in key areas associated with in-depth development, effectively exploiting the nation's seaport resources, constantly improving productivity, to better serving shipping lines, customers, affirming Vietnam's container port Brand in the international market. 

In the event of New Year's Eve, Minister Nguyen Van The gave gifts, congratulated officials, workers and employees of Saigon Newport Corporation; The minister wished the first shipments through Tan Cang - Cat Lai to sail smoothly through the sea, bringing the expectations and beliefs of a prosperous new year in business with many successes of partners, shipping lines, customers.

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