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Saigon Newport Corporation welcomes IMO's delegation at Tan Cang- Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT)


Saigon Newport Corporation welcomes IMO's delegation at Tan Cang- Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT)

On May 11, 2023, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) welcomed Ki Tack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), at Tan Cang - Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT).

As part of the IMO's visit to Vietnam, Secretary General Ki Tack Lim visited and worked with TC-HICT, part of SNP. The visit showed interest in the development of Vietnam in general, as well as Vietnam's maritime industry in particular. Mr.TTK highly appreciated the development, capacity and potential of Vietnam in developing the maritime industry, in which the seaport is an important link.
Mr. Bui Van Quy, Executive Vice President,  introduced to the IMO' Delegates about activities and projects of green ports, green logistics, renewable energy at TC-HICT and SNP port' ecosystem

The Deputy General Director of SNP, Bui Van Quy, chaired a meeting with the participation of leaders of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, Hai Phong Maritime Administration, and related parties. They welcomed the delegation of the Secretary General of the IMO and expressed their pleasure at the visit.

As a member of the IMO, Vietnam and SNP always strive to improve infrastructure and equipment to match the world's green development trend, according to the commitment of the Government of Vietnam with COP26 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions.

M/V Maersk Cairo (by Maersk Line) is currently loading cargo at the TC-HICT (Hai Phong, Vietnam)

In recent times, SNP has converted energy into electricity and renewable energy devices at major terminals, such as Tan Cang - Cat Lai, Tan Cang Cai Mep - Thi Vai port cluster, TC- HICT, and the future will build a modern and environmentally friendly berth No.7 and No.8 project. In addition, the means of transport are also optimized to reduce emissions to the environment with green logistics projects by barges connecting ICDs and forward port clusters from the North to the South.
General Secretary of the IMO - Mr. Ki Tack Lim - highly appreciated the proficiency of TC-HICT and SNP in greening seaports to contribute to  sustainable development of Vietnam's maritime industry
The IMO Secretary General visited the facilities directly and discussed with the captain and crew of the Maersk Cairo ship belonging to the Maersk shipping line that handles cargo at TC-HICT. Mr. Ki Tack Lim highly appreciated the reception capacity of TC-HICT for Maersk shipping lines in particular and shipping lines in the world in general. The delegation of the IMO and the Vietnam Maritime Administration believes SNP will continue to be a pioneer in the sustainable development of green ports and green logistics in Vietnam's maritime industry.