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Tan Cang Cai Mep operates vessel for the biggest nearshore wind power project in Vietnam


On September 7, 2020, Tan Cang Cai Mep Port Joint Stock Company (TCCT) successfully took over new ship carrying materials and equipment for the installation of wind power projects in Bac Lieu and Tra Vinh provinces. Trina ship belongs to SAL - German nationality shipping company, with Ben lines as an agent..

Trina with a length of 159.8 meters carrying 89 packages of materials and wind power equipment, this is the first time TCCT has received this type of super long, super-heavy equipment. To ensure the safety and efficient operation, TCCT's management and related departments have actively coordinated with customers, ship owners, agents, contractors as well as transportation teams to deploying the work-related aspects carefully.
The equipment is to ensure the receipt of goods from the ship to the pier which includes: 02 150 Ton-crawler cranes; Nacelle, the heaviest cargo, weights 135 tons, handled by a 200-ton ship crane; Specialized tractors use a 4-axle trailer (16-wheel), wing-transport trailers, Nacelle 135T carried by 12-axle trailer. The assigned team includes 02 ship crane operators and 10 workers to lash and lifting crane cables. With the plan of unloading from the truck to the yard, TCCT uses 01 220 ton self-operated crane combined with 90 ton-crane to unload the discharge to the yard, using 01 600 ton-crane (using 160T counterweight) to unload the package heaviest package – 135 ton. All field workers, engineers, and commanders must go through occupational safety training, as well as contingency plans to be prepared to react to any situations.

At 4:00 the same day, the discharging operations began for the first of the 45 propellers off the Trina. The process of cargo loading/unloading and delivery is executed with very high accuracy and synchronization.

At 17:00, the first propeller was placed in the safety area, and the operation team continued to discharge the next blades.

According to the plan, it is estimated to take 5 days to complete the operation of the Trina due to a large number of packages of super-long and super-heavy equipment and materials received, the operation is carefully organized and deployed, and avoid night operation. With great determination, TCCT officers and employees endeavor to complete the proposed operation plan with the first ship carrying wind power equipment. This will also be the foundation for TCCT to continue conquering many other super-heavy project ships.

Wind power equipment-carrying Trina ships of Dong Hai 1-Bac Lieu project phase 2, with 13 wind power poles installed, and capacity of 50 MW in the coastal area of Long Dien Dong commune, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province with the coastal area expected to be utilized for the project is about 284.71 ha, with a total investment of 2,500 billion VND. The duration of the project is 50 years. With this phase 2, the 100 MW Dong Hai 1 project will be the largest near-shore wind power project in Vietnam up to now.

The first wind pillars being installed in Bac Lieu

In the coming time, TCCT will continue with other subsidiaries of the SNP to continue implementing wind power projects in particular and super-heavy goods in general, becoming a highlight of the logistics services concerning OOG of SNP in the South.

Some photos captured during the operation of Trina ship: