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Tan Cang Cai Mep Terminal continues to affirm its outstanding capacity in receiving wind power ships in 2023


Tan Cang Cai Mep Terminal continues to affirm its outstanding capacity in receiving wind power ships in 2023

This is the first wind power ship to dock at TCCT in 2023, successfully received and arranged 27 wind turbines of Dak Nong project phase II from JIN WAN SHI DAI ship (Chinese nationality, length 136.43m, width 52m, payload 12,078 DWT). Each wind power propeller is long 84.3m and weighs 22.3 tons, creating a total cargo volume on the ship up to 39,672 m3.
The first wind power vessel, Jin Wan Shi Dai, docked on the night of May 22, 2023

Promoting advantages of system connection from the platform of the port-logistics ecosystem of Saigon Newport (SNP), TCCT has closely coordinated with Tan Cang Maritime Services Joint Stock Company to deploy piloting service, tugboat docks and turns in the process of cargo handling smoothly and safely. In addition, to improve the productivity of ship release on the basis of safety, TCCT has coordinated with Ba Son port, representatives of shippers, representatives of ship owners, and subcontractors to plan detailed loading and unloading, arrange means of cargo handling, and allocate experienced personnel to supervise from the time the ship arrives at the port to the end of the cargo handling. With top service quality and high professional experience in the field of OOG ships, TCCT successfully completed loading and unloading all goods on board to the port yard in absolute safety after more than 1 day when the ship docked, despite being affected by difficult weather conditions.

Overview of loading and unloading of wind power vessel Jin Wan Shi Dai at the terminal

Successfully receiving this ship, TCCT has continued to affirm its position and capacity in the market of wind power cargo ships; this is a testament to customers' trust in the port's ability to receive and dispatch ships. Moreover, the arrival of the Jin Wan Shi Dai cargo ship, which is part of the wind power project, to the port is of great significance to TCCT in particular, and to SNP in general in the context of the Power Plan VIII, which has just been officially approved. This is a good sign for a good start in welcoming ships carrying wind power equipment to TCCT port in the future.